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Keeping your fur soft, silken luxury for years to come requires care…

perry-process-fursThe most lavish article of clothing you my own, fur is an ageless classic. With a little care, fur can stand the test of time. Preserve and protect your fur with regular cleanings to remove dirt and oil. Finish with a glaze treatment, imparting a glamorous sheen.

When you think of Fur cleaning and storage it’s not just outer garments. Furs can be a leather jacket with fur collar or a cashmere sweater with a fur collar these items need to be cleaned and stored in a humidity controlled, cold environment to prevent the skins from drying out. Perry Process can store your Furs as well as clean and glaze the garment.

Fur Care Tips:

Regular Cleaning


Don’t Squeeze it into a tight space

Perry Process Can help keep your fur from being  jostled around in a cramped closet. During warmer seasons, store your garment in one of our temperature controlled vaults. Regular maintenance will ensure that your fur stays plush and sumptuous for generations to come.46746970Fur vest