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Perry Process offers a gentle “green cleaning” process for your garments, our cleaning technician are all trained in latest techniques and have the latest technology to process your garments the care they need based on the garment not the technology. We call it the Perry Process. At Perry Process we offer professional wet cleaning, dry cleaning using Green Earth solvent and are certified Perry Process GreenEarth Cleanerby the Department of Environmental Conservation. In addition to our cleaning process and garment pickup and delivery service, we can pick up your cleaning refuse such as hangers, plastic, tissue paper and recycle it all.

Investing in our future includes using the latest techniques and technology such as professional wet cleaning and dry cleaning using Green Earth solvent, which is a silicone based solvent. In essence, liquefied sand. The same safe natural sand the Earth has been creating for over 6 billion years. The same type of silicone is found in most household cosmetics such as shampoos and lotions. Green Earth solvent is chemically inert which means it does not interact with your garment, it merely carries a detergent to them, then carries the soil away.